About Us

Aadithya Forestry Network is working in the field of melia dubia farming consultancy since 2010. We are providers of complete on farm technical consultancy for the cultivation of melia dubia tree where we are leaders. Aadithya Forestry Network is having enough experiences to handle the developments of melia dubia farming, from clearing of the land to melia dubia farm development.

Having experience, exposure and expertise to develop and maintain melia dubia plantations and projects. done a lot of work on these melia dubia plantations. With a team of expert people, Aadithya Forestry Network is having enough capabilities to handle the melia dubia projects as small as 25 acres to very large extents.

Aadithya Forestry Network is having wide contacts across the country with the institutes & people who are working in r & d of agriculture. As we are updating our knowledge regularly, we are in a position to implement any melia dubia project with latest inputs and techniques. Our job of knowledge updating is a regular activity.

By participating in seminars and scientific get together organised by R & D Institutes. By visiting experimental farms and Agri Universities and Agri Research Institutes. By exchanging ideas and experiences with the scientific community Reading various agri related scientific journals of universities, institutes and NGOs who are working on melia dubia projects most of our work is involved in melia dubia cultivation activities - knowing new inventions, working on experimental farms and implementing melia dubia projects. We do any thing in melia dubia farming!!

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